Best Kept Secrets for Puffy Eyes Remedies

Published: 19th March 2012
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Those who tend to get puffy eyes at an early age simply comes down to the family genes. For so many characteristics we are goverened by the genes given to us by our parents. However for the vast majority of puffy or baggy eye sufferers this is a condition of the nautral aging process.

In this article we shall consider the many options and one of those is growing ever more popular. That is of course cosmetic surgery. There is no question in my mind that if this is done by an approved and experienced practitioner the results are fantastic.

A lot of people have a natural fear of going under the knife and there is an inherent fear of surgery going wrong.That along with the high price tag rules out this effective option for a great many people in the world. It still remains something that only the richer classes can consider.

Many of the leading cosmetic brands including Origins and Clinique have various eye creams and eye care solutions available. They all make claims as to what their products can do and when I research their effectiveness by users it is a mixed bag. It works for some people and not for others and yet again the price point proves to be a stumbling block. Typically these products come in small jars with a big price tag. There is no doubt that there are quality ingredients inside the various solutions but to purchase these on a regular basis becomes cost prohibitive.

Yet again the problem here for the average wage earner is the price point. These products have an average price of around $60 and for a small amount. Therefore being able to purchase for regular use is yet another barrier. There are countless reviews about these products with the majority stating some success which is good but almost all of them concerned about the price point.

Small wonder then people go in search of cheaper remedies including home remedies and more natural remedies for puffy eyes. I am then amazed by some of the solutions that people claim actually work such as garlic rubbings, toothpaste and a myriad of other nonsense.

I have included sensible and proven approaches to some remedies you can easily do at home which will give you some major improvements and will not break the bank in the process. These are simple to do and will give you the best and quickest results that I know of:

Regular sleep of 8 hours per night
Lemon Juice
Slices of potato, cucumber or moist teabags applied to the eyes.

We live in a fast moving world and time becomes ever more precious. Puffy eyes remedies need to be quick and easy to do and all of the above do exactly that.

You need to develop the habit of getting a full eight hours sleep and learning how to rest. This single thing will have a major impact on the dark rings in and around your eyes. Difficult as it may be you also need to get into a routine of drinking water throughout the day to avoid dehydration of the skin.

With great care apply some lemon juice to the dark rings around your eyes. Be very careful and never allow the juice anywhere near the actual eyeball as that is a very painful thing to do.

Finally place some used teabags into the fridge and then apply to the eyes before going to bed at night.If you donít have teabags then slice a cucumber or potato and place them on to the lids of the eyes. Allow them to stay on for around 10-15 minutes and make that a daily routine.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the many puffy eyes remedies that are available to make your suffering that little bit better.

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